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  • Computers fixed while you are still in your pyjamas?!
    With todays computer technology, in most cases we can service it without interfering with your privacy.
    Computer Servicing virus and trojan removal and remote desktop services 'Remote desktop servicing' has been available to professionals and big business for a long time.
    Rodeo Blue staff will make this computer service available to you, the little guy.
  • Computer hardware like mice monitors or boxes

  • Hardware (things you can touch) like mice, monitors, keyboards or even a flash new box with flashing lights, install yourself or let us do the work. Its all available through us and our network of other professionals, at a reasonable price.

  • Internet Internet web designs and servicingInternet web designs and servicingadvice, installs, servicing, browser hijacker removals, want better security or a tutor service? Internet web designs and servicing Web site creation to a home page, just a taste of what's available at Rodeo Blue.

  • Surround Sound Systems and EntertainmentSurround sound DVD TV tuning and installs systems are terrific when installed correctly. If you ever run into trouble, can't tune the TV, find what plug goes where or work the DVD remote, call us.

  • Tutoring makes things a little easer.
    We understand that technology can be difficult and takes a while to "get your head around it" but we are confident, in our tutoring ability, to make you feel at ease with your problem, with not too much jargon to confuse you.

  • Quick Info
    B = Byte
    1024 bytes = 1 Kb
    RootKits hide things from your computer
    ISP =Internet Service Provider
    8 bits = 1 Byte
    RAM is memory
    1024 Kb = 1 MB
    Explorer and Internet Exporer are NOT the same
    Browser displays content
    Start Button is at the bottom
    TB = Terra Byte
    Web filters are a concierge
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